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GED grad’s advice: ‘Just hang in there’


As Elmer Gobble stood before his friends, colleagues, and spectators in his black robe, he couldn’t hold back a smile. Holding his own copy of the Bible in his hand, Gobble had a message for all the young people in the crowd:

Photo by Max Hrenda
Elmer Gobble gives the keynote speech during Tuesday night’s graduation ceremony for the Carter County Schools Adult Education program. Gobble, 68, encouraged young people who are struggling with school to “just hang in there.”

“I know it gets tough sometimes,” Gobble said, “just hang in there with it.”

The “it” Gobble referred to was school, and he would know better than most how tough it can sometimes be.

The 68-year-old Hampton resident was the keynote speaker during the Carter County Adult Education’s graduation ceremony Tuesday evening, and he expressed his gratitude time and again for the chance to finish his education.

“I appreciate the opportunity that I have tonight,” Gobble said. “Without the help of the adult education teachers and classes, I wouldn’t be here tonight.”

Adult Education Supervisor Sonya Miller returned Gobble’s sentiments, and also said that seeing him, in particular, complete his degree, was in itself special.

“To see Mr. Gobble come here and see him finish this is something to be said,” Miller said. “But I’m very proud of all our graduates.”

While acknowledging the pride she feels for her students, Miller also pointed out that several graduates had already begun to plan for their respective futures, even before they received their certificates.


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