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Recent bomb scare exposes emergency issues


Twice this week, Carter County commissioners have discussed making changes to the county’s emergency management procedures.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Police and fire department personnel cordone the area around Carter County Courthouse after a bomb threat on Nov. 27. The bomb threat raised several concerns about the courthouse’s emergency management procedures.

The need for an improvement in emergency planning arose after a bomb threat forced an evacuation of the Carter County Courthouse Nov. 27. Carter County Emergency Management Agency Director Andrew Worley said as much when he visited a meeting of the county commission’s Health and Welfare committee on Monday night.

“We’re looking for fire, active shooter scenarios … not just for bomb threats,” Worley said. “We’re looking at everything to make sure we’re making adjustments to all these scenarios.

“Law enforcement asked all of the county employees to move from the predetermined location (the rear parking lot behind the courthouse),” Worley said. “They thought we were too close for a bomb threat.”


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