October 11th , 2012 14:35 pm 8 Comments

4-year-old killed after being struck by dump truck


A 4-year-old child walking across Broad Street was struck and killed by a dump truck at Lynn Avenue this afternoon.

The Elizabethton Police  Department, Elizabethton Fire Department and Carter County Rescue Squad were called to the intersection at 1:20 p.m. Thursday. The child was unresponsive at the scene and was rushed to a local hospital.

Capt. Greg Workman with the EPD has confirmed to reporters on the scene that the 4-year-old boy has died.

EPD Chief Matt Bailey said officers closed the intersection to investigate the accident to determine the cause. The Tennessee Highway Patrol was called to inspect the dump truck.

See Friday’s Elizabethton STAR for additional information.


8 Responses to 4-year-old killed after being struck by dump truck

  1. This is so sad! This is right down the road from me.

  2. Anita says:

    Prayers for this grieving family and the driver of the truck are in order. This is indeed a sad day.

  3. Prayers for the whole family so sorry ,:( my friend nancy glass just told me about this ,candy Slagle cothran

  4. Anytime a child dies it is heartbreaking, the whole community feels a sense of sadness and empathy for the family. My heart goes out to the child’s family, and the driver of that truck as well. I cannot imagine the guilt that poor driver must feel, even though it was an accident. God bless them all.

  5. Esther Locke says:

    praying for the family cause it is hard to hear about a kid but why was he walking across the road was he by him self i will always keep them familys in my prayers

  6. From what I heard the child ran across the road ahead of their mother..they were walking. I don’t know if she wasn’t watching him or her, or if the child just decided to run across and she couldn’t stop them fast enough

  7. Don’t forget to pray for the truck driver. He has to be devistated.

  8. Heather says:

    Praying for the child’s family along as well as the driver and his family. May God put his hand on you all and get you through this tragic time in your alls lives.

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